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Giving back: Access Work Experience charity (one-off volunteers needed!)

The majority of the members at Eyedea have been incredibly privileged: a lot of us have been [...]

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Monthly Read: Mrs Moneypenny’s Financial Advice for Independent Women

I read Mrs Moneypenny’s Financial Advice for Independent Women in one sitting, which is in itself something [...]

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Jo Malone: an entrepreneur with a passion

Jo Malone is an actual human being; a very warm, lively and inspiring woman. She accepted our [...]

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September 17, 2014


I have been a self-proclaimed gym addict throughout my early adulthood. At the start of my ‘addiction’ [...]

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Upcoming Events

19th February - Renee Elliott, Founder of Planet Organic
March - Gaenor Bagley, Head of People & Board Member at PwC
Summer 2015 - Moya Greene, CEO of Royal Mail

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