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Morning rituals: Top tips from Danielle Copperman, Founder of Qnola

By Eyedea — March 13, 2017

As spring approaches, it’s time to freshen up your mind and body. We spoke to Danielle Copperman, Founder of Qnola on how to #wakeupwell and her top tips for stress relief and healthy living.

“In the same way ‘no one size fits all’, no one diet fits all. Diet and exercise merely lie on the surface of wellbeing, but in order to truly live ‘well’, it is important to explore the connect between our own body, mind, spirit and soul. For me, wellbeing comes uniquely to each individual and is defined uniquely by each individual, therefore it is found uniquely within each individual This means following other people’s advice or routines will very rarely work exactly the same way and with exactly the same results for someone else. I believe that taking a holistic approach to every part of our lives – integrating physical, nutritional, environmental, energetic, emotional, vibrational and spiritual components – is the key to successfully and effortlessly achieving a life of balance and wellness. My blog and book is about empowering people to trust themselves and their intuition in knowing what is good for them and what is bad.”


1) How does your day start?

Each day is different, but I try to start with a hot drink of either lemon and ginger juice or an adaptogen powder like He Shou Wu. sometimes I have a reishi and cacao latte with nut milk and a little coconut oil, or a shot of coffee if I’m going to work out. I then try to stretch or exercise – either running, yoga, skipping or boxing – before heading to my studio to work or working from home. Depending on how I feel I might meditate too, and if my boyfriend is awake I’ll sit in bed and FaceTime him in Sweden, whilst I drink my hot drink.

2) What food types do you avoid to maintain a healthy living?

There’s no real ‘types’ of foods I avoid, but I try not to eat anything that has been refined or processed in any way. for me, I feel my best when eating fresh, untouched ingredients – like fruits and vegetables. I avoid gluten, refined sugar and dairy as much as possible, mainly because gluten causes discomfort and bloating unless it is a fresh and homemade product, and dairy disrupts my skin and causes breakouts almost immediately! So my general rule of thumb is to eat natural, untouched foods and ingredients that haven’t been processed into ‘products’. One of the sayings I live by is ‘eat food, not products!’ However, I do of course eat these foods cooked in many ways, I just avoid anything too damaging like deep-frying or recipes which include artificial ingredients.

3) For other Qnola fans out there, how can we be creative with our breakfast?

Being creative is the best part of eating and in the modern day we don’t give ourselves time or permission to! Breakfast is easy and I love mixing a lot of different ingredients together to make it exciting. I have never been a fan of porridge, but when I tried it topped with nut butter, compotes, Qnola and fresh herbs – for example – I loved it. For Qnola, I love it on anything smooth, such as dairy free yoghurt, smoothie bowls, mousses and homemade nut milks. I add whatever toppings I have in the house, such as bee pollen, superfood powders, fresh fruits, nut butter, tahini, fresh herbs, dried edible flowers, essential oils, and extra nuts and seeds. Go wild!

My top tips aside from healthy nutrition that support functionality and wellbeing:

  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Slowing down the pace of life and breathing more – deeply and through especially hard times.
  • Meditation / positive thoughts – journaling and focussing attention on things we are lucky to have and are grateful for.
  • Moving – in the form of yoga and working out. It helps me feel positive and lighter. I love boxing and yoga – something that really centres the mind, and requires focus from the mind, not just effort from the body.


About Danielle:

Danielle Copperman is a full time model, qualified nutritionist (dip), food writer and chef based in London. She has been modelling for five years and since the job depends heavily on the way you look, feel and act, has become increasingly aware of the importance of her dietary choices. Following plenty of research, studying part-time and learning through personal experience, Danielle began to understand and experience the benefits that come with eating natural, wholesome ingredients, and cutting out processed and refined foods from her diet completely.

Giving up sugar and grains meant giving up granola, and the lack of it left her feeling lost in the mornings, and in search of a healthy alternative – something which, at this point, just didn’t exist on the market. She began to make her own gluten-free granola using different seeds such as buckwehat, amaranth and quinoa, and when friends, family and instagram followers loved it, they encouraged her to create it for the masses. The recipe has developed a lot from the first experiment in her kitchen, and contains her favourite super foods and a nutritious selection of nuts and seeds, to make a range of honest, reliable breakfast goods.

We hosted Danielle on our Eyedeal Entrepreneurs panel back in March 2016.

About Qnola:

Qnola is a range of nutritionally enhanced breakfast products made from highly nutritious, natural ingredients. The idea behind Qnola was to develop a truly healthy alternative to commercial cereals, which are often highly processed and high in sugar, gluten, additives and preservatives. Although many of these products are advertised as ‘skinny’, ‘light’ or ‘low fat’ this doesn’t make them healthy. Qnola is made using nourishing ingredients, all of which are natural, wholesome sources of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and sustainable energy. These are ingredients that have incredible benefits for your body yet still taste amazing. All Qnola products are made without refined sugar and are paleo, vegan, vegetarian, wheat & gluten free, dairy free and grain free.


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