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Brush & Bubbles – the latest art experience in London

By Isabella Gerber — August 22, 2017

Actresses and great friends, Lara and Tiffany, met a few years ago at an audition in Liverpool. They travelled back to London together, bonding instantly chatting about life, love, dreams, desires and what made them happy.

Tiffany Ceri grew up in Cardiff, Wales with her family. When she was 18 she moved to Disney Land in Paris as a budding actress. She spent the next couple of years travelling to India, South East Asia, America and parts of Europe. On her return to the UK Tiffany started focusing on her acting career and signed with an agency for a few acting jobs. Lara Goodison grew up in South London in Surrey. Both of her parents were artists, so she was brought up around paintings in an artistic environment. At 18 years of age, she decided to be an actress and get work right away rather than go to drama school. When the industry got quiet she wrote a TV show, by fund raising it, producing and acting in it – this still remains a passion of hers.


We had the chance to catch up with Tiffany and Lara

Tell us a bit about the Brush & Bubbles?

Brush & Bubbles is a painting experience where you will learn to paint an original picture on a canvas with step by step instructions from our resident artists, while you sip on a delicious glass of bubbly! Discussing the incredible experiences one can have with people when creating something together, we’ve been inspired to build Brush & Bubbles – a project for people of all creative abilities, to come together and create something great. It’s a fun thing to do even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush as a breather from the corporate life constantly on the phone and at the computers. Brush & Bubbles is for the inquisitive, the spirited and the experimental. Our classes are lead by professional artists who will take you through their painting, breaking it down into step by step instructions and helping you create your very own masterpiece! They lead the class and are also available to answer any questions or give individual help and advice to anyone who needs it.

Tell us about the sessions

People arrive to a lovely welcoming atmosphere, everyone’s equipment including canvases, paint, paint brushes, water cups and aprons are waiting for them along with their glass of bubbly. After an introduction from us, the art teachers will explain in more detail about what the class will be painting before getting everyone to pick up their brushes and then the fun begins!1P7A7952

As the founders of Brush & Bubbles, what does your typical day look like?

Both of us have separate acting jobs on the go so we tend to juggle both the acting and the art but sharing the responsibility and working together works really well. We set up the business in less than 2 months from start-up to our first class so we quickly learnt how to designate and work together as a team.

We spend quite a bit of time researching, speaking to venues and trying to spread the word as much as possible. We’re currently trying to grow our social media platform as we are aware how important this is for new businesses. We offer our classes for a variety of occasions such as hen and stag dos, birthdays, baby showers, office events and team building events.

What do you enjoy most about doing your own thing?

We really enjoy working together and feel that we complement each other as business partners. As we’re both also actresses we understand and appreciate the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into  running your own company. It’s liberating to invest time and energy into something new and dynamic and seeing it grow and change so quickly. It’s also rewarding to have people come along to our classes and genuinely leave with a big smile on there face having enjoyed being creative for a few hours, it’s makes it all worth while. 1P7A7963

Who would you say are the women who inspire you?

Lara: I come from a very large family with really strong women that have always supported me and backed me to pursue my dreams. Sometimes you need those people to tell you it’s ok and that you’re doing enough.

Tiffany: I am often inspired by women who succeed in the little things, it doesn’t need to be a celebrity or a household name to touch you on that level. People who have the guts to go out there and say I’m going to do this and succeed. I get inspiration from those around me, all our friends pursued different careers from medicine to business to entrepreneurship.

What would be your top 3 words of advice for anyone thinking of branching out in this direction?

Firstly you need to love what you do, but there’s a fine balance with following your dreams and also being realistic. Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”

Brush & Bubbles is such a new and exciting initiative, how do you see it taking shape over the next few years?

We hope that it will expand and become a frequent activity for people of all artistic ability to enjoy. We would love to take Brush and Bubbles to other parts of the UK. Expanding this idea to present at large events such as festivals where people want a relaxing exercise to do before seeing a gig would be ideal – there is so much opportunity!

Check upcoming events and explore more about Brush & Bubbles here 


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