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About Us

Inspiring speaker + Young female professionals + Convivial meal

Eyedea is a London-based society for young professional women that hosts speaker and charity events aiming to inspire and connect young female professionals. Eyedea was founded by two friends, Marta Szczerba and Masha Kiryanova. Moving to London, Marta has much missed the convivial atmosphere of Oxford evening talks where she had the opportunity to dine with and listen to such inspiring personalities as Heather McGregor of Taylor Bennett, Nicholas Coleridge VP of Conde Nast, David Abraham CEO of Channel 4 and Gordon Brown. Masha much wanted to expand her network beyond the London School of Economics and school friends. And so Eyedea was born: a place where young female professionals can be inspired and connect with each other.

Starting out as a young female professional in London is a daunting but exciting prospect. The long working hours, the constant rush, the tie-dominated environments can be overwhelming and are a stark contrast to university life.  The lack of time and high-pressured lifestyle makes a big change from the positive, blue-sky thinking University environment. Having just experienced this ourselves, we have noted that there is something missing in London’s social scene – a friendly place to share our thoughts and experiences. We want to create a network for young female professionals, predominantly in their twenties, in order to exchange inspiring ideas, speak to and meet role-models and mentors, and to discuss the challenges that we face.

We aim to do this both online, as well as through various events aimed at bringing together young, ambitious and smart working women. Events that will be both inspiring, and will provide us with a network that will enable us to do good, to support each other, to contribute to greater causes.