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Future Events

Future events

Upcoming events in 2017 – stay tuned for dates!

Celebrate our 5 year anniversary with Kim Winser, Winser London Founder and CEO – September 2017

Shruti Ajitsaria, Director of Fuse (a tech innovation space aimed at accelerating practical solutions to legaltech, regtech and dealtech challenges) at Allen Overy – October 2017

Bianca Miller on the launch of her new book ‘Selfmade’ – November 2017

Eyedea Eyedeal Entrepreneurs Series Vol. 2

Susie Wolff, worlds’ only female Formula 1 driver, MBE

As the world’s only female Formula 1 driver, Susie Wolff knows everything about making it in the male dominated industry. Read more about her in The Gentlewoman’s interview.